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Cuban Picadillo – article and recipe

Haitian Cornmeal Porridge (Mayi Moulen)

Haitian Black-Bean Sauce (Sos Pwa Nwa)

Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup

Puerto Rican Alcapurrias (Fritters)

Puerto Rican Mofongo con Salsa de Tomate (Mashed Plantains with Tomato Sauce)


Central America

Guatemalan Braised Pork With Sesame and Pumpkin Seed Sauce (Choc’a)

Nicaraguan Tres Leches Cake 


South America

Brazilian Farofa

Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão De Queijo)

Chilean Beef Short Rib Empanadas (use instant pot)

Colombian Corn and Cheese Arepas

Salvadorian Cheese Pupusas



Photograph of Katherine BurtKate Gardner Burt, PhD, RD is an assistant professor at Lehman College and a registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist. She teaches courses in community and public health nutrition and cultural food and sustainability. Dr. Burt’s research broadly aims to reduce racial and ethnic inequities in community food systems in the Bronx and NYC as a whole. She does this by exploring strategies to strengthen efforts to grow food locally and improve community cohesion and social connectedness to build a more just food system. She also aims to reduce inequities in food systems by increasing opportunities for low-income people of color to excel in dietetics and food-focused careers. She takes a mixed methods, community-based approach to research and currently works with several New York City based non-profit organizations. Dr. Burt received her BS in film and television from Boston University and her MS in exercise physiology and nutrition, RD and PhD in food and nutrition policy from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her first cookbook was published in 2015 by Sterling Publishers, a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble.